Mission Purpose

Partner with Reciprocal Ministries International and missionary Rob Thompson as we work with our sister church.

The Sister Church program consists of two churches from different cultures joining together in a dynamic relationship to minister to one another and together to the world. On this mission trip, we will visit and minister to the Haitians living in Petit Trou.

Dates: 2023 Dates TBD 
Destination: Petit Trou, Haiti
Trip Leaders: Bo & Casey Hilty
Cost: $1,800

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Mission Details

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What Will We Do?

There will be an opportunity for a variety of ministries, both physical and spiritual.

We will attend church services and visit the people in the village. We will hold a one-day retreat for the men, the ladies, the kids and the youth. The goal is to build relationships, discover their needs in ministry and encourage them as a church in any way necessary.

What is Our Schedule?

Upon arrival in Haiti on Friday, you will drive to the Zanglais Ministry & Retreat Center in Les Cayes to reflect, prepare, and rest. 

The next day, the team will drive to Petit Trou for four days and nights of ministry with our sister church. On Thursday, your team will drive back to the Zanglais Retreat Center for reflection, debriefing, time with career missionaries and rest before flying home on Friday.

What are the accommodations?

Your team will sleep on cots in the church parsonage.

What will we eat?

You will eat Haitian food which usually includes rice, beans, and vegetables.

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Mission Requirements

The following are necessary to be addressed or completed before you can participate.

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Attend The Bayou Church

All applicants must regularly attend Sunday services. Applications from other churches or denominations will be accepted, but priority is given to members of The Bayou Church.

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Team Meetings

Each mission team meets six-seven times before departure to learn about the mission area’s culture, plan trip activities, and bond as a team. Additionally, each team has a pre-departure dinner for family members as a celebration.

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Payment Requirements

All attendees make three payments: initial deposit, airline payment, and final payment. Amounts and deadlines will be shared at the first team meeting.

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First Steps Classes

In FIRST STEPS CLASSES, you will discover who we are, meet some of our staff, and connect with others at The Bayou Church. The classes are four consecutive Sundays, starting with Step One on the first Sunday of the month. All classes meet at the 9:30am service in the Ministry Center classroom. We invite you to jump in at any time.

More Information

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or our Haiti Mission Information Packet for more info.

We want to give everyone the chance to serve if this mission is right for you. You can contact us at [email protected], or call us at 337-984-8291 if you have questions or need further information.

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