Promotion Sunday

So what is Promotion Sunday all about?

At The Bayou Church, we promote all kids and students at the start of summer to the grade they will enter in the fall. In this way, they can begin building new friendships with other students and participate in summer events those grades offer. This means we will welcome new kindergarteners from Preschool Ministry into Kids Ministry and new sixth graders from Kids Ministry into Student Ministry starting Sunday, June 3.

Foundation Failure

Watch Out For Logs

Kingdom Tales - Week 1, "Watch Out For Logs" // Mike Walker, Senior Pastor

On Mission

Courageous Leadership

"Courageous Leadership" // Mike Walker, Senior Pastor

Celebrating Miracles

Cydni's Story

"I think God gave me the talent of photography and led me to that family to show me that I could help."

Jake & Emily's Story

"When God tells us to step out in faith, we know it's not always going to be easy. We knew we would encounter obstacles, but we knew God was never going to leave us."

Building Strong Relationships

"Building Strong Relationships" // Mike Walker, Senior Pastor

Dan's Story

"I never wanted to tithe. I had things I wanted to buy and needed. But I realized tithing was about giving control of that part of my life to God."


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Sunday, June 3
At The Bayou Church, we promote all children and students at the start of summer to the grade they will enter in the fall....MORE
June 5-7
At this three-day morning camp, children will participate in arts and crafts, cooking, fun games and more....MORE