Walk Free

Date: April 10, 2022 Speaker: Derek Griffon

The Bible is filled with stories of broken people who allowed God to use them to serve others. When we have an attitude of humility before God, He will restore and redeem us, and turn our past struggles into miracles. While we all walk with a limp and experience heartache, God will use our weakness to minister to other people if we humble ourselves—in fact, that’s when He does His best work.

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Week Title Series Speaker Date
1. The Precursor to Healing Walk With A Limp Sean Walker March 20, 2022
2. Compassion Over Condemnation Walk With A Limp Derek Griffon March 27, 2022
3. The Power of Confession Walk With A Limp Sean Walker April 03, 2022
4. Walk Free Walk With A Limp Derek Griffon April 10, 2022

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