Date: May 05, 2024 Speaker: Sean Walker

We know—both from statistics and from personal stories—that anxiety and depression are growing in our culture. And followers of Jesus are not immune to these kinds of challenges. What do we do when it feels as though we're in a dark place with no way to get out? That's what we'll discover together in this series. 

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Week Title Series Speaker Date
1. Let's Talk About Mental Health Out of the Cave Sean Walker April 07, 2024
2. When Panic Attacks Out of the Cave Derek Griffon April 14, 2024
3. Interrupting the Spiral Out of the Cave Haydn Fabre April 21, 2024
4. Suicide Out of the Cave Sean Walker April 28, 2024
5. Addiction Out of the Cave Sean Walker May 05, 2024
6. Burnout Out of the Cave Sean Walker May 12, 2024
7. Processing Our Grief Out of the Cave Mike Walker May 19, 2024

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