Beyond the Damage

We knew that we didn’t need to reinvest in what was but instead invest in what could be.

Hurricane Delta destroyed our Ministry Center in 2020. We considered rebuilding the 45-year-old building as it previously was, but there were significant challenges with its age, design and layout. 

For over a year, our leadership teams have been in the process of seeking God, praying, dreaming, listening, learning, and planning. We have worked with experts in different industries, resulting in a campus master plan that we believe will shape the future of our church. Here are some of the key features of our redesigned campus:

  • A central lobby with a clear main entrance from our parking lot
  • New kids space next to our preschool space so parents only have one place to check-in their kids
  • A new 250-seat multi-purpose worship venue for Sunday mornings and ministry activities
  • Tons of new restrooms! 
Download the floor plan

Decades Goals

We have two main goals over the next two years in regards to this initiative.

PRIMARY GOAL: 100% Engagement

We are asking every single person to go on a spiritual journey with God and your family—and to possibly take the biggest steps of generosity you’ve ever taken. Our primary goal for Decades is for 100% of the Bayou family to engage in this initiative to experience a life-changing encounter with God. 

SECONDARY GOAL: One Fund, Two Years, Three Targets

Instead of giving to multiple funds (ministry, outreach, building, etc.), we will combine everything--resourcing for our ongoing ministry activities, giving to ministries that make a difference in Acadiana and beyond, and optimizing our campus for future expansion.

One Fund

We’re all on ONE MISSION—to transform lives in Acadiana through Christ-centered relationships—so we have one fund.

WEB Decades One Fund Visual Graphic V2

You may have been part of church campaigns in the past where you were asked to give a second gift “above and beyond” your usual gifts to complete special projects. Normally, you gave that gift to the “Building Fund” and you also continued to give to the “General Fund.” Dividing giving into these categories is potentially confusing because some people don’t have a baseline for “usual giving” and it divides everyone’s focus which makes it difficult to celebrate the total giving of The Bayou Church.

We believe we’re all on ONE MISSION—to transform lives in Acadiana through Christ-centered relationships. The Decades Initiative will last two years. In those two years, every gift given to The Bayou Church will go to the Decades Initiative—to help us build on the past to shape the future through resourcing ongoing ministry, making a difference, and future expansion.

Three Targets

Every gift given to The Bayou Church from 2022-2024 will go to the Decades Initiative—
to help us build on the past to shape the future through resourcing ongoing ministry, making a difference, and future expansion.

WEB Decades Linton Students 800x533

Ongoing Ministry  > $7.5m

This will resource our week-to-week ministry activities for the next two years.

We will consistently invite people to trust and follow Jesus, creating opportunities for kids, students, and adults to know God, find community, and make a difference. As we always do, we will continually look for new and better ways for all of us to experience the transformation that comes when our relationships are truly Christ-centered.

WEB Decades Bayou Crew Trailer 800x533

Make a Difference > $1m

We will give away these resources to our community and ministry partners in Acadiana and beyond.

We have done this in the past and we plan to strongly support our ministry partners in the future. Our commitment to making a difference in Acadiana and beyond has never been stronger. We continue to be committed to living and loving like Jesus by serving those most in need and investing in our community and global ministry partners.

WEB Decades Rendering Dec2021 800x533

Future Expansion > $9.5m

This will expand our campus to be a powerful tool for our church and community into the future.

To optimize our campus in pursuit of our mission, we will make significant renovations that will result in a more physically connected and easily accessible experience for everyone. This includes a large central lobby area, coffee shop, expanded area for birth-5th grade, new secondary worship venue right off the main lobby, additional restrooms, and more.

Let's pray and commit to give whatever God puts on our hearts.

Decades is first and foremost a discipleship initiative. We want to grow together in the way we understand who God is and what role He is inviting each of us to play in His unfolding story. We are asking every person in the Bayou family to invest in unprecedented ways to see God work powerfully in Acadiana and beyond for Decades to come.