Summer Camps


Summer is one of our favorite times of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity for families to escape the routines of the school year and connect with each other through all that summer has to offer. And what better way for them to explore all that summer has to offer than by attending a summer camp experience?!

At The Bayou Church, we provide FIVE unique summer camp experiences to reach every age of the family. Each camp is focused on one thing—connecting families in order to build stronger relationships with God and each other. We work extremely hard to provide a summer worth remembering, with opportunities for kids to connect with others their age, and even bigger hopes that God will transform their lives forever.

Would you like to help a child go to camp this summer? You can donate to our scholarship fund! 

Scholarship Fund Donation

Together We Grow Camp

Kids entering K4-entering Kindergarten
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Kindergarten Camp On The Go

Kids who have completed Kindergarten

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WinShape Camp

Kids who have completed grades 1-9

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Middle School Camp

Students who have completed grades 5-7
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High School Camp

Students who have completed grades 8-12
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