Date: July 05, 2016 Speaker: Gary Funderburk

“Tell me a story.” We all love a good story that makes us laugh or inspires us to something greater. When Jesus spoke, he often told stories called parables−simple stories that illustrated a spiritual lesson or truth in a way that was easy to remember. In our 10-week series, listen to some of these small stories and learn the big spiritual ideas that still apply in our lives.

Week Title Series Speaker Date
1. Watch Out For Logs Kingdom Tales Mike Walker June 04, 2016
2. Foundation Failure Kingdom Tales Sean Walker June 11, 2016
3. Listening ... for a Change Kingdom Tales Mike Walker June 18, 2016
4. Kingdom People Kingdom Tales Abe Haley June 27, 2016
5. Voices Kingdom Tales Gary Funderburk July 05, 2016
6. Party Etiquette Kingdom Tales Sean Walker July 09, 2016
7. Search Party Kingdom Tales Sean Walker July 16, 2016
8. The Second Prodigal Son Kingdom Tales Joe Wood July 23, 2016
9. We Were Expecting You Kingdom Tales Sean Walker July 30, 2016

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