Truth & Lies

Date: April 24, 2022 Speaker: Sean Walker

Life can be confusing—especially in the area of relationships. It doesn't matter what kind of relationships you have in your life, they can get complicated and confusing pretty quickly. One of the things that makes this difficult is that most of us base our relationships on our experiences instead of on God's principles. In this series, we're going to look to the One who designed relationships to define how they work best.

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Title Series Speaker Date
How to Deal with Difficult People It's Complicated Sean Walker May 22, 2022
Single & Satisfied It's Complicated Sean Walker May 15, 2022
God's Purposes for Marriage It's Complicated Sean Walker May 08, 2022
Friendships It's Complicated Derek Griffon May 01, 2022
Truth & Lies It's Complicated Sean Walker April 24, 2022

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