Soul Care in a Crisis

Date: May 03, 2020 Speaker: Dudley Bienvenu

Many times in life, we find ourselves in situations that are not what we would choose. We're in one of those situations right now. What can we do to thrive--and not just survive--these times? Is it possible to even improve our future during times of stress and struggle? We believe it is. In this series, we'll learn how to reorient our hearts and lives, so we can make the most of the most challenging circumstances of life.

Title Series Speaker Date
Don't Forget the Small Stuff Thrive Linton Broussard May 24, 2020
Let's Repeat History Thrive Sean Walker May 17, 2020
An Attitude of Gratitude Thrive Sean Walker May 10, 2020
Soul Care in a Crisis Thrive Dudley Bienvenu May 03, 2020
Deliverance at Midnight Thrive Derek Griffon April 26, 2020
Mind Your Mind Thrive Sean Walker April 19, 2020

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