Prevailing Over Unplanned Detours

Date: August 01, 2021 Speaker: Mike Walker

During this series, we'll hear from different speakers on a variety of topics. That means that every message you hear is something the speaker is especially passionate about ... which means they always bring their best. Join us for messages that will encourage and challenge you as we learn how to experience more of the full life of Jesus together.

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Title Series Speaker Date
Lost & Found Summer at The Bayou Linton Broussard July 03, 2022
Prevailing Over Unplanned Detours Summer at The Bayou Mike Walker August 01, 2021
We All We Need Summer at The Bayou Daniel Kelly July 25, 2021
Following God in Challenging Times Summer at The Bayou Dennis Watson July 18, 2021
Armor of God Summer at The Bayou Rob Wilton July 11, 2021
Fighter Summer at The Bayou Derek Griffon July 04, 2021

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