Parenting on Purpose

Date: May 05, 2019 Speaker: Mike Walker

There is always a generation behind us, and we want to be there to guide them as they become the people God wants them to be. In this sermon series, we will explore the different ways we can empower kids to live and love through Christ. Whether it's raising kids or being a role model for those around us, this series will help all of us see the ways we can encourage the next generation as they continue on the journey God has planned for them.

Title Series Speaker Date
Thriving In A Blended Family Helping The NextGen Win (2019) Mike Walker May 19, 2019
Coaching Children For Success Helping The NextGen Win (2019) Mike Walker May 12, 2019
Parenting on Purpose Helping The NextGen Win (2019) Mike Walker May 05, 2019
The Best Person for the Job Helping The NextGen Win (2019) Sean Walker April 28, 2019

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