Life Is Better Together

Date: February 11, 2017 Speaker: Sean Walker

As living, breathing human beings, we all have something inside us that physically keeps us going: our heart. This organ not only does the heavy lifting to keep us alive, but it also is the home of our purpose, passion and values. At The Bayou Church, we know that we have been giving a purpose in the community of Acadiana to transform lives through Christ-centered relationships. This is the heartbeat of our church. Through this semon series, we will explore this and other aspects of our God-given purpose as a church.

Week Title Series Speaker Date
1. Everyone Has A Story Heartbeat Todd McMichen February 04, 2017
2. Life Is Better Together Heartbeat Sean Walker February 11, 2017
3. Rescued People Reach People Heartbeat Sean Walker February 18, 2017
4. The Best Is Ahead Heartbeat Sean Walker February 25, 2017

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