Getting Comeback Ready

Date: March 25, 2017 Speaker: Mike Walker

Our lives are beautiful stories written by Christ. In our stories, there are moments of joy and laughter and also times of trials and heartache. Although no one life story is exactly the same, we can look to the stories of people around us and people in the Bible for encouragement and support. Even in our darkest times, God is near to us and cares for us deeply. Throughout this series, we’ll learn that even through brokenness, God’s redeeming love never fails to create an amazing comeback to a full, lasting life. 

Week Title Series Speaker Date
1. Defeating Depression Comeback Stories Mike Walker March 04, 2017
2. Recovering From Personal Failures Comeback Stories Mike Walker March 11, 2017
3. Overcoming Suffering Comeback Stories Mike Walker March 18, 2017
4. Getting Comeback Ready Comeback Stories Mike Walker March 25, 2017

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