The Bayou Students

The Bayou Students is a ministry dedicated to providing a place for students (6th -12th grade) to build a transforming relationship with God and long-lasting relationships with students and adult leaders. Everything we do is specifically designed to help students grow in Christ-centered relationships. Students are separated by grade level into middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12).

What We Are About

The Bible - The Standard to Live By
We teach that the Bible is true, timeless, and the ultimate truth for all. The Bible provides the only option for man’s redemption and relationship with the Heavenly Father. We present biblical truth in a way that encourages students to remember and apply its principles to their everyday lives.
The Journey - Everyone Has a Story
We are all on a journey to the same destination. We teach that baptism does not complete, but merely marks the beginning of a believer’s spiritual journey.We teach that Bible study, giving, prayer, missions and service are important components to spiritual growth.
The People - A Shared Life is the Best Life
As students grow in their relationship with Jesus, we believe they will have a greater impact on their friends, school, family, city, church, and any other sphere of influence. When we share our life and our stories with others, life is the best it can be. 
The Work - Life is Worth the Effort
Most important of all is Jesus. While everyone has some idea about who Jesus is, we follow, trust, worship and talk about the Jesus of the Bible. He is most important to us, and He is what we are most excited about. If you don't know much about Him, hang around for a bit. His name and His life are something we talk about all the time.
The Community - Rescued People Reach People
We believe that we must be present in the community, share God’s love and truth with people, and reach the community with the gospel of Jesus.

Life Groups

Life Groups are a combination of hanging out with friends and growing closer to Jesus. They offer students the opportunity to meet and grow closer to new friends and learn from our faithful, adult volunteers who will challenge them through Bible study to grow in their faith. Life Groups meet only during the academic school year.

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Legacy Internship

The Legacy Internship exists to provide students, middle school through college, an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of leadership. The Legacy Internship will add value to a student's life and help them grow in their relationship with God through leadership development, serving opportunities, and active involvement within the church. 

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Upcoming Events

The Student Ministry hosts several events throughout the year designed to help you connect with other students and grow in your faith. Take a look at what’s coming up for you soon. Summer 2017 Student Ministry Calendar

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