Setting Expectations for a Great Experience

It’s a good idea for every group to put words to their shared values, expectations, and commitments. Such guidelines will help you to design an alliance that will set you up for success. We recommend you discuss your guidelines during your first small group meeting in order to lay the foundation for a healthy group experience. Feel free to modify and make these guidelines your own!

Group Guidelines

Clear Purpose

To grow healthy spiritual lives by building healthy small group community.

Group Attendance

To give priority to the group meeting time (call if I am absent or late).

Safe Environment

To create a safe place where people can be heard and feel loved so we will be careful with being judgmental, giving quick answers, and offering our simple fixes to complex situations.

Conflict Resolution

To avoid gossip and to immediately resolve any concerns by following the principles of Matthew 18:15-17, which begins with going directly to the person with whom we have an issue.

Be Confidential

To keep anything that is shared strictly confidential and within the group (unless someone states they are going to hurt someone else or themselves).

Spiritual Health

To challenge and encourage one another to live a healthy and balanced spiritual life that is pleasing to God.

Welcome Newcomers

To invite our friends who might benefit from this study and warmly welcome newcomers.

Building Relationships

To get to know one another outside of the group time and pray for each other regularly.

Shared Responsibility

To work with each other and develop group ownership as each one of us helps with group responsibilities (rotate homes, study facilitators, snacks, drinks, collect prayer requests, etc.).

Group Agreements

We have discussed and agree to the following:

  • Childcare _______
  • Group Start Time ______
  • Group End Time ______

We’d Love to Connect

If you have any questions or if there’s any way we can help you, please contact us.