Baptism Sunday

Date: October 31, 2021 Speaker: Sean Walker

Everything that stands the test of time has a strong foundation. The same is true of the Christian faith. But what are the elements of our faith that form the foundation for everything we believe? In this series, we'll be looking at the foundations that are critical for every follower of Christ to understand. These foundations are strong and solid, providing the strength we need to stand firm in our faith.

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Week Title Series Speaker Date
1. The Story of God and Us Foundations Sean Walker October 13, 2019
2. Reserved Seat Foundations Sean Walker October 27, 2019
3. Living the Spirit Filled Life Foundations Mike Walker November 03, 2019
4. Finding True Salvation Foundations Mike Walker October 24, 2021
5. Baptism Sunday Foundations Sean Walker October 31, 2021
6. A Gospel Conversation Foundations Sean Walker October 22, 2023
7. Interrogative Baptism Questions Foundations Sean Walker October 29, 2023

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