Alex Flores Pic3

Alex Hernandez

NextGen Director

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Amanda M pic1

Amanda Murray


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Bernard Pic2

Bernard Lemoine

Executive Pastor

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Beronica Sept2023

Beronica Jourden

Care Coordinator

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Bria Feb 2024

Bria Burrell

Communications Coordinator

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Cady Cobb Pic1

Cady Cobb

Associate Groups Director

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Carolyn Sept2023

Carolyn Lambeth

Serve Coordinator

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Griff May2022

Derek Griffon

NextGen Pastor

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Ed Pic1

Ed Gore

Worship Director

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Harley Sept2023

Harley Sagrera

Associate Student Pastor

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Haydn Sept2022

Haydn Fabre

Student Pastor

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Heather Anderson

Heather Anderson

Special Events Childcare Coordinator

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Jeramy Sept2023

Jeramy Lecompte

Technical Director

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Jodi Sept2023

Jodi Melder

Preschool Ministry Coordinator

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John 2020

John Gautreaux

Maintenance Manager

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Kristi 2020

Kristie Boudreaux

Custodial Manager

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Lydia Hoffpauir

Connect Director

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Maddie Wells

Executive Director of Weekend Services

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Mary Perron Nov2022

Mary Perron

Finance Manager

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Melvin Sept2022

Melvin Granger

Executive Director of Operations

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Mia Sept2022

Mia Montero

Worship Leader

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Mike Walker

Founding Pastor

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Morgan Sept2023
Morris Pic1

Morris Boudreaux

Facility Team Member

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Nathan Sept2023

Nathan Liebert

Executive Director of Adult Ministry

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Sagan Nov2022

Sagan Ezell

Technology Manager

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Sami Feb2024

Sami Fredericks

Kids Ministry Coordinator

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Sean Cobb pic1

Sean Cobb

Facilities Director

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Sean pic4

Sean Walker

Lead Pastor

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Theresa Rudesill

Theresa Rudesill

Finance Coordinator

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Will Fairburn

Will Fairburn

Care Director

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