WEB Kerry Story 800x533

Kerry's Story

"Once I hit rock bottom, I had to give my addiction to God. I had seen the signs of hope leave my wife's body, and it propelled me into seeking treatment. I had to meet God halfway on the road to recovery, and Jesus saved me. I'm sober today because of God."

WEB Dane Thibodeaux Story 800x533

Dane's Story

For years, I said I didn't need church But in 2018, I reluctantly attended The Bayou with my wife; I put on a fake smile. But then, Pastor Sean's words -- God's Word -- caught my attention. It was like He was speaking directly to me."

WEB Nicole Smith Story 800x533

Nicole's Story

"Being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer made me feel like I had been hit by a train. I wanted to hide. I had no idea what to do or where to go. I wasn't a good mom, wife, daughter, or sister. So I hit my knees and talked to God."

WEB Stories Carolyn Lambeth 800x533

Carolyn's Story

"God has been taking care of me for years without me knowing. And when I finally said, thank you to God by giving to Him first. He just poured more abundance in my life."

WEB Stories Greg Lindley Palmer 800x533

Greg & Lindley's Story

"I grew up in the church and knew about putting money in the plate. But I didn't really have a process for being generous. I had never heard of a tithe."

WEB Stories Sean Alicia 800x533

Sean & Alicia's Story

"I made a deal with God that if He would heal my daughter, I would give church a chance. So on the first Sunday we went to The Bayou, I felt like the message was speaking directly to me."

WEB Stories Heather Anderson Family 800x533

Heather's Story

"Whenever our kids come home from Bayou Church camps, they talk about worshiping God in their groups and what they've learned through the Bible and the leaders. It's a great feeling [as a parent]."

WEB Stories Steven Chasity 800x533

Steven & Chasity's Story

"I couldn't imagine going into the home of a stranger and sitting around talking about the Bible when I didn't think I was knowledgeable enough ... "

WEB Gary Poppa 800x533

Gary's Story

"Small groups are not a contest about who knows the most theology. You learn as you go. I can tell you that joining a small group is one of the most important things I've done in my adult life."

WEB Rokk Tran Story 800x533

Rokk's Story

"Pastor Linton invited me to church, and it changed my life for the better. I realized that's what I've been missing my whole life. It's not about being perfect. It's about having a relationship with God."

WEB Dana Daniel 800x533

Daniel & Dana's Story

"When we don't have God in our life, any church family, any structure, that's when things start to fall apart."

WEB Amanda Campbell 800x533

Amanda's Story

"My position on the tech team is considered a volunteer position. But what I get in exchange for the time I put in is invaluable."

WEB Tony Cranfill Story Image 800x533

Tony's Story

"Going to a small group was out of my comfort zone. It was scary."

WEB Neil Story 800x533

Neil's Story

"Some of my best times are Sundays. For me, it's worth the hour drive to be at The Bayou."

Scott's Story

"God doesn't call the equipped. He equips the called, and there's probably no truer statement for me."


Hannah’s Story

“I never realized there were so many options for volunteering.”


Wanda’s Story

“It’s all about feeling like you belong. I needed to find connection, and I did ... through small groups.”

Michael Jodi Story

Michael & Jodi’s Story

“I once heard God answers prayers in three ways: yes, no, not yet. For so long, it was not yet.”

Jessica Story

Jessica’s Story

“I assumed life was supposed to be about getting married, having kids, raising kids ... live till you die....”

Jim Story

Jim’s Story

“I ran away from God to do what I wanted to do. I didn’t see that my actions affected anyone, but I got lost ...in who I was.”

Cyndi Story

Cydni’s Story

“I think God gave me the talent of photography and led me to that family to show me that I could help.”

Jake Emily Story

Jake & Emily’s Story

“When God tells us to step out in faith, we know it’s not always going to be easy. We knew we would encounter obstacles...”

Dan Story

Dan’s Story

“I never wanted to tithe. I had things I wanted to buy and needed. But I realized tithing was about...”

John Mindy Story

John & Mindy’s Story

“The demands of work became so great and overwhelming that I lost connection with my husband and children...”

Lj Story

LJ’s Story

“The darkest moment for me was when I started doing meth. Even when I started smoking weed I told myself, ‘This is it....’”

Russell Story

Russell’s Story

“I finally met something that I couldn’t control. It had beat me and it was tearing apart the family...”

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