Kaleb's Story

When I was younger, I had a strong faith in the Lord. I didn’t know any deep theology, but I grasped the basic concept that Jesus loved me. I was happy until my parents got a divorce, which left me feeling hurt and alone. Not long into high school, I lost my connection with God. I did what I wanted. I made friends with the wrong people. I questioned God. I was jealous, angry, and fearful that I wouldn’t amount to anything.

After graduating high school, I decided to go to ULL. I started attending the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and not long after found myself at a conference called Ignite. God really grabbed hold of my heart there. I felt I needed to recommit my life to Christ, so I did. Even in my newfound faith, I was still holding so much in. I eventually got so depressed, I considered killing myself. One day at the BCM, God spoke into my pain and I started crying randomly. I was still very unhappy with my life so I decided I had to get help.

It has not been easy, but I continue to trust God with my life, and He is changing me! It is only through Christ that I have been restored!

Kaleb A