The Benevolence Fund is meant to minister to members of The Bayou Church.

It is intended to be temporary in nature and used only as a last resort after using personal savings and seeking help from family and friends. To have a member of our benevolence team contact you to set up a meeting, please fill out the form below:

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For those who are seeking assistance and are not members of The Bayou Church, please contact Love INC Lafayette.

Love In The Name of Christ is part of a national non-profit organization which seeks to transform lives and communities In The Name of Christ. Through our financial support of Love INC Lafayette, we are able to help those who are not members of our church.

Please contact Love INC Lafayette by phone at (337) 981-6775 or by email at [email protected].

Visit Love INC Lafayette

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If you have any questions or if there’s any way we can help you, please contact us.