Hey! Are you planning an event? How exciting! :) 

Step 1: Fill out the Heads Up form so that all ministries are notified. Do this as soon as you know you are having an event. :) 

Step 2: Fill out the various forms based on needs for your event. Don't forget to add to the Google calendar. 

Heads Up Form is to alert all areas about your event. This will prevent any overlap with scheduling. Even if you don't have all the details of your event figured out, please fill out the form with what you do know. :)  

Heads Up Form

Publications Project Request Form is for all things design, print, and promotions related to your event. This is needed 6 weeks before you want to start promoting so most likely 3 months before your event. :) 

Publications Project Request Form

The childcare form is for any needs related to caring for littles (Birth-5th grade). This is needed 1 month before your event. 

Childcare Form

The worship form is for any music needs. The team needs this 90 days or 3 months in advance. 

Worship Request Form

The tech form is for any audio/visual needs including slides. The team needs this info 2 months in advance. 

Tech Request Form

Facilities is all about tables, chairs, water, etc. Please put your info in the calendar. 

Email Randall and LJ with details on your event at [email protected].

Security is needed when we have __ people or more on our campus for an event. 

Email Deana at [email protected].

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If you have any questions or if there’s any way we can help you, please contact us.