Hurricane Delta swept through Acadiana on Friday, October 9, bringing damage across the area to homes, businesses, and churches. Our own Ministry Center was damaged by Hurricane Delta. Many people in surrounding areas were still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Laura at the end of August. 

Need Assistance? 

Our prayer is that you and your family experienced God's protection during Hurricane Delta. If you have property damages in the Acadiana area and need help, please submit your information and situation details below. We'll do everything we can to help in the coming days.   

Assistance Needed Form

Give Assistance:


If you want us to keep in touch with you about hurricane relief volunteer opportunities, please fill out our form. 

Volunteer with The Bayou Volunteer at Second Harvest (Lafayette) Volunteer at St. Joseph's Diner (Lafayette)

Give Assistance:

Donate Money

When we each bring what we can to the table, the Lord can use it in far greater ways. Whether you live in Acadiana or not, we welcome your donations to help those most affected by Hurricane Delta.

Give to Acadiana Reach (Make A Difference Fund)

Donate Supplies

Several groups will have supply drives. We'll have info as it becomes available. 


Federal Aid & Housing

If you are looking for links to federal aid or temporary housing for you or someone you know, please check out these links:

Federal Disaster Relief/Hotel Housing FEMA Info Acadiana VOAD

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If you have any questions or if there’s any way we can help you, please contact us.