Camille's Story

I grew up in a broken home. I have an earthly father who I have seen about 14 days out of my 26 years of life. But I have a mother who is the most selfless person I know and who would do anything for me! She brought my siblings and I to church every Sunday through high school. However, t after confirmation, she and my siblings stopped attending Sunday services. At that time, I was transitioning into college, and I continued attending church. But I wanted something more, so I reached out to some friends who had become family and asked to attend church with them at The Bayou Church. My life has not been the same since! It took a little more time than I would like to admit before I was finally able to lay down my stubborn pride and reach out to my Heavenly Father. Not long after, I was actually able to find my earthly father, and it is only with the amazing love, grace and mercy of my Heavenly father that I am able to be ok with loving him right where he is. Today, my Heavenly Father continues to pour out His love on me through amazing men and women at The Bayou Church as we travel through life together. Our God is so good, all the time! John 10:10

Camille V.